DR Kaushik Deb

Managing Director, CEO DiponEd BioIntelligence


Dr Kaushik Deb was awarded the DBT’s, Overseas Associateship, and the Indian National Academy of Sciences (INSA)- bilateral exchange award with the Czech Science Academy. He has published over 70 peer reviewed research papers, abstracts, and book chapters, and is also an active Reviewer for 4 international journals and Editoral Board member for   5 international stem cell journals. Authored the book entitled “Stem Cells; Basic and Applications” published by McGraw Hill New Delhi and “Stem cell Technologies” by McGraw Hill, New Jersey, USA.

Over the years, Dr Deb has developed several platform technologies for personalized therapies in cancer immunothapies, radiation therapies, antiaging, 3D tissue engineering and other unmet medical conditions. He founded DiponEd in 2010 as a P4M (Predictive, Preventive, Participatory and Personalized medicine) company.  Currently serving several  clinicians, hospitals, universities and institutions  all over the world.  They are currently expanding their home grown technologies to Mexico, Portugal, Indonesia, Australia and the USA etc.